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In this 90 minute session you will: 1) Define the lifestyle you wish to achieve for total life fulfillment 2) Design forward thinking goals and supporting sensory tools 3) Create action steps to create and deliver the new lifestyle, bypass barriers, and reinforce success through the lifestyle change process
Join Dr Pam Denton for a conversation on relationships and the power to transform lives through conscious loving connection. This class is for any relationship that needs mending and healing: self healing, professional, parenting, or marriage. Pam will teach you that her same formula of Mind-Heart-Core can be used no matter what you are dealing with in relationship. The goal of all relationships is to get out of the clash of mind and emotions and settle into peace and calm into the heart so that you can connect and see things clearly. This is an amazing presentation that will advance your life and help you mend the relationships that are in need of healing.