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Making kinder choices isn't something you do once, but over and over again. And if you're like most people, you start with food; after all, you eat many times a day. However, living a more conscious life in line with your values doesn't stop at your plate. Other lifestyle choices you make, such as what you wear, play just as critical a role. When it comes to fashion in particular, the options for cruelty-free living is bigger than ever and growing fast. Join Ginger Burr, image consultant and committed vegan, as she walks you through the whys and hows of creating a kinder closet. Learn why fur isn't the only harmful fabric, and how to shop for the clothes you want without causing harm to any other living thing. You don't have to sacrifice your look to live a heart-centered life. And Ginger will show you how so that you can feel beautiful, inside and out.