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Are you "a diabetic"? Do you walk around every day wearing this unenviable badge? Well, there is more to this disease than you think and you have much more control than you think. In 1980, the global diabetic population was less than 50 million, now it is close to 300 million. In my brief webinar, you will learn these 5 things: 1. What is causing the increase in Diabetes 2. Why did you become diabetic 3. What can you do to cure your diabetes 4. Why does your blood sugar spike in the morning 5. What is there besides diet and exercise
Participants will improve diabetes self-management by reading and interpreting food labels. This class will help you solve the mystery of the food label when it comes to planning healthy meals for diabetes. Participants will be able to answer these questions at the end of the 30 minute talk How can I tell how much sugar and/or carbohydrate are in a product? What is a serving size? How does this food fit into my diabetes exchange meal plan or carbohydrate counting plan? How much sodium should I be eating? Are all fats bad? And more.....
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