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Your Divine Bu$$iness Blueprint    ($597) [+] Show More Info

For struggling therapists and "hippie healers".....a double session of LOVE to ground your big world changing visions and give you a launch pad from struggle to high end success. We begin with a crash course in wealth consciousness and pleasure- perceiving money through the lens of pleasure . We will then l explore your life purpose, translate that into PRACTICAL marketing terms, create your first higher-end offer, and give you a short list of tasks to launch it into the world. Did

Akashic Records Reading    ($297) [+] Show More Info

Deep Dive Intro Intuitive Reading -using the wisdom of the Akashic Records- to gain clarity on business, relationship, emotional well being, family relationships, and travel, fun, play and creativity. We will reconnect you to the wisdom of your higher self, and get clarity- fast- on tangles with relationship, emotions, family conflict, travel, and play! Jump into empowered and wise decision making! (NOTE: These readings are NOT for serious health concerns, dollar amounts, or "predicting the future").

Sacred SeaStar Session   ($297) [+] Show More Info

Transformational coaching time where NOTHING is taboo an all is brought to the table. Go from pain to pleasure, unwind your trauma and karma, and unearth your life purpose, pleasure, sacred business and self love. This is 75 minute introductory transformational coaching session, and is for you if you are a high achieving woman looking to transform personal trauma into spiritual connection, self love, or soul aligned business. You will also receive practical, and actionable, next steps. <3


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