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Wed Jan 16 at 08:00 pm EST
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Join Pamela, The Confident Boomer Health Coach for the "Top 5 Self-Care Strategies to Live a Fabulous Life" class and discover:
- The Top 5 Self-Care Strategies to live a fabulous life now
- What exactly self-care is and why it's vital for a fabulous life
- Why we need to put self-care on our priority list (hint: there are MANY reasons!).
- The #1 secret that allows you to take care of yourself every single day (no excuses...)
- Why are self-care and your relationship with food often tied together
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    Wed Jan 16 at 08:00 pm EST
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Top 5 Self-Care Strategies to Live a Fabulous Life
60 Minute Session
Wed Jan 16 at 07:00 pm EST
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Pamela's Health Coaching practice is all about empowering women and men to take care of themselves regardless of what life throws at them. About Pamela: Pamela Biasca Losada MS (Psychology) is a Certified Integrative Health and Emotional Empowerment Coach. She specializes in defining what's holding her clients back from having the fitness they desire, beating the path of resistance long-term, taking control of their health and life, developing and tracking their individual-tailored wellness goals so they don't keep failing. She teaches her clients also how negative emotions are present to guide you to receive greater insight, clarity, inner trust, and confidence. Additional focuses are eliminating stress, emotional eating, increasing energy, regaining and maintaining health. Pamela offers private and group coaching over the phone or Zoom. Additionally, Pamela leads wellness seminars and workshops. In her practice Pamela additionally offers BEMER Therapy sessions/rental/purchase. Learn more at For more information and to book a complimentary Breakthrough Call visit