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Russ Terry is a seasoned Coach and Motivational Speaker who has worked with 350+ people from companies such as Microsoft, Google, and PwC and spoken at many organizations, including NASA, United Airlines, L'Oreal, and the FBI.

Russ is also the author of a series of books on Gratitude. They are:
- My Gratitude Journal (2014)
- Our Gratitude Mission (2016)
- Our Gratitude Mission 2 (2019)
- Grateful Schools (TBD)
- Grateful Kids (TBD)

As an entrepreneur, Russ hones his Leadership skills as Founder/CEO of Life Coach ...See All

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Life Coach Russ Terry has spent the last year documenting something he was grateful for every day. He turned it into a book (My Gratitude Journal) and a workshop series. As a result of attending, you will: Document what you are grateful for in your own life in a number of areas including: -People -Things -Emotions & feelings -Intangible items -A lot more You will also articulate what some corresponding lessons are to what you're grateful for. Finally, you'll learn how to be grateful in tough situations and when you think you've run out of things to be grateful for.
Excellent Leadership means inspiring, encouraging and empowering the team members. One great way to do this is to brainstorm on everyone's Everybody Wins Ideas. In this session intended for teams, the facilitator will share the Everybody Wins mindset, then "go around the virtual room" as people brainstorm on how to put those in place. A second advanced leadership concept is to treat others as THEY want to be treated, which is NOT necessarily how YOU want to be treated. Part 2 of this session involves going around the room again with the team and each person shares how he/she likes to be treated in various areas.
Russ Terry
Health & Wellness > Work-Life Balance
Recorded: May 18, 2015 at 12:00 pm EST
In this "Introduction to the Powers of Coaching" workshop, you'll assess your life in 18 different areas and then go through a series of exercises to come up with a plan to make some changes in the areas you want to focus on. It's inspirational, motivational AND tactical! You'll also put an Accountability plan in place to make sure the words you speak in this workshop actually happen!