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I am a former anthropologist turned MD--now using integrative medicine focused on Mind-Body approaches. I work with people not only to understand and improve their physical health and state-of-mind, but perhaps even more importantly, this work helps people to find or refine their bigger story: What really matters to them? What do they want to do with their time and energy? There is always some level of healing to come from this work, no matter how serious the illness or how bad the burn out. Where a person is open to learning, he or she will grow--often in unexpected ways.
Donna is the Founder and President of Recovery is Possible, a local non-profit that addresses education and recovery principles for those with mental illness. She uses her personal story of 30 years living with mental illness and single motherhood as an example for others to learn from. She is an Advocate, Professional Trainer and Public Speaker through her company BiPolar USA that trains and educates licensed professionals on how to work with clients on resiliency and wellness. BiPolar USA offers private case management and in-home peer support for those with mental illness and their families. She is a State Trainer for NAMI Texas with the Peer to Peer Program, a State Trainer for Via Hope Certified Peer Specialist Program, NAMI Provider Facilitator, Peer Mentor and Coach and Peer support group facilitator with The Gather Place. She provides Peer Support Classes at the Montgomery County Mental Health Facility for the incompetent by providing Mental Health Education to those in the jail and prison system. She can be reached by email [email protected]